This is all about focus. Focusing on what matters when it matters. This is about being able to see things through untainted vision and an unfiltered mind. Life brings all sorts of changes, twists, and turns and you must be ready for whatever comes.
Upon arriving at my latest plot twist, I realize just how much needs to be put into place in my life. I understand now that there are far too many unfinished tasks on my plate. It’s time to focus on tightening up what’s going on in my life. You can’t move into a new chapter without finishing the one you are currently in. Otherwise, you will have an incomplete story which will ultimately confuse and mess up your ending.
So I’m focusing on the tasks at hand while building into the future. I’m turning off my desire to see what’s next and turning on my ability to tackle what’s now. That’s growth. That’s maturity. That’s completion. The Lord has already removed me from situations that were hurting me and now I must use this freedom to improve my current situation. It’s time to focus.

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