There really are some amazing people in the world. There are people who give of themselves without expecting a return, they smile from their hearts, they laugh with joy. These people have seen the worst life has to offer, but instead of allowing those things to make them angry and bitter, they learn from them and grow into stronger, wiser people instead. These people aren’t hard to find, although it may seem that way. In fact, they are probably in your life right now. You know their story. The things they’ve been through the average person would not have survived, but they don’t look like it even affected them. Their spirit radiates with love and peace.  When you meet one of these people, you know it’s them. Something is just different and when you walk away, you feel differently. They actually have a way of making you feel better without even trying. When you meet them, hold on tightly. Cherish them. Encourage them. Uplift them. Celebrate them. Become like them.

4 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. Such a strong positive post …thank you for reminding me to look for the good in those around me. Because you are correct giving caring people are the type I naturally gravitate towards.

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