Opportunity is always knocking. The opportunity to be happy. The opportunity to seek peace. The opportunity to be content. The opportunity to be upset and dissatisfied.
I find that when I get distracted by the struggles and problems around me, nothing goes right, everything seems too hard, and the solutions I need don’t present themselves. I can spend hours and even days wondering why things are going wrong, why my efforts aren’t being matched with results, and why my life is at a stand still. Then, I’ll be gently reminded of the good in my life. Those things that give me a reason to smile. I’m reminded of the aspects of my life that ARE working and growing and progressing. Once I make the choice to hone in and maximize my time and energy on those positive occurances, things begin to flow again. Problems don’t seem so big when I know I’m on the right track. Trying to avoid the burnout is a futile effort. Trying to accomplish as much good as possible, always proves to be worth my efforts.
I’m not sure if this is the case for everyone, but it sure seems to work out just fine for me. Everyday I have to make the choice to see the good. Everyday I have to make the choice to balance my life with positivity. If I don’t, life gets tougher and tougher until I say, “Enough is enough! I’m too blessed to be stressed!”

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