The Journey 

It’s a long road to get to where you want to be. At the beginning of the journey, the momemtum is growing. It makes you take the first leap. But if you haven’t properly trained for this, things can get tough. Long distance is not the same as a sprint. You need to be able to hang in there for the long haul. The thing I enjoy about the ability to keep going is that things eventually start to improve. Every now and then you get a breath of fresh air, a break, a release. But I have the tendency to want to sit at those breaks for too long. I like to think that each break could be the finish line. Each time I see an oasis or a glimpse of what could be permanent victory, I realize that the capacity to maintain what I need in this location soon runs out. This is in fact, not “it.” I haven’t made it to the finish line, but I can see that it exists. I know it does. I didn’t start this race with the dreams I had in my soul for them not to be attainable. I know that I am worth more than my dreams. My hurdles are not bigger than me, but they do increase my abilities, my self awareness, and my range of thinking. Each experience means more to me than sitting at a temporary resting place. There is a race to be won.  There is a victory I have my eye on. I need to keep going…

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