You WON’T Fit In!

​I grew up around people who made me feel ashamed of being different. People who judged me based on their level of “normal” and acceptable behavior. Being authentically me was never good enough. I was always compared to someone doing better than me or doing what seemed to be the “right” thing. When you grow up like this, it is hard to have an identity. The person you know you are is not accepted and the person who is accepted is not who you are or even desire to be.  
So there I was, forced to deal with myself. Ugly, rejected, and undesirable. Who would want someone as weird and different as I am? Who would accept me for the person I was created to be? Who would look at me with all my flaws and see beauty? Men could not do it. Friends could not do it. And family seemed to make it worse. It was not until I turned to the Creator of all things that I found myself. It was not until I discovered the fact that I was stitched together in my mother’s womb, piece by piece, with intricate precision, that I began to find my identity. I searched the scriptures looking for myself. I searched the heart of God to find my place. And there on the cross I discovered love. I discovered the invaluable feeling of acceptance. There was no need to be someone else at the foot of my Master. There was no comparison or playing of favorites. I was equally and completely loved without any effort of my own. It was there, in the arms of my heavenly Father, that I discovered everything about me was on purpose. My likes, my dislikes, my sense of style, my music preferences, down to my preferred hairstyle was all on purpose; designed just for me by God Himself. In the words of Yahweh I discovered that I was important, precious, uniquely special, and created to fulfill a specific purpose on this earth.
 It is in Christ and Christ alone that we are made complete and loved unconditionally. No love on earth can compare to the agape love that would die on a cross for us. There is no need to look for love and acceptance in an imperfect world. There is no need to compare yourself with someone as uniquely designed as you. There is no need to feel less than someone who was stitched together by the same God with the same precision and detail. We were all created equally and completely on purpose with purpose. So the next time you feel like you do not fit in, remember, you were not created to fit in. You cannot fit in in a world of individuals. No one can be like anyone else and no one should try to be. Be the unique and beautiful creation you are and thank your Creator for doing such a great job! 

To be continued…

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