I have been in a season of growth and revelation. Every day I am learning something new about my identity, my purpose, my path, and the God I serve. It really is amazing when things begin to make sense. I had to get real with myself and face some things I had been holding on to for the wrong reasons. I cannot believe how much junk I had and still have to work out of my mind. It takes time and effort for this to work and I am taking the time and the effort required to get my life TOGETHER. I cannot hide my life. I cannot turn it off. It’s as if the world wants more of me, but I don’t want to give it to them. I don’t want to be exploited or desired.

I want to point them back to Christ.

So maybe I need to put the two together. Be out there. Be seen. But point them to the cross. Let them enjoy what you do and have to say, but let your life reflect the One who saved you.

“Let them see you in me.”

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