The Exchange

​I was in prayer yesterday and the Lord showed me something that blew me away. As I was praying and surrendering things to Jesus, I saw Him, yes Jesus, standing in a room that was very dark. To His right I could see a large furnace with flames bursting out. He was smiling at me and each time I confessed a sin or habit or anything I needed to get rid of, Jesus Himself grabbed it and chucked it into the furnace and it was utterly destroyed.

We did this back and forth until I couldn’t think of anything else. And when I was done handing things over, He continued to stand there smiling at me with His arms stretched out as if to say, “What else do you have? I cancelled it all on the cross.”

It is finished. Lay it all down. Jesus already destroyed your sin, bad habits, punishment, guilt, shame, and heartache at the cross. He also told me that the things given to Him are gone, but as we go through life, the option to pick replacements are always there. The only way to ensure you stay away from the things that weigh you down is to stay instep with Jesus and constantly exchange with Him those things we pick up. Because like sheep, we have a tendency to wander. And in your wandering, He is still standing there, smiling at you, with His arms stretched out. Hand it over and receive HIM. 

Happy Friday!


I created the following image by combining two separate photos. This is the most accurate way I can depict what I saw. This image is forever impressed in my mind. I was able to see His smile and watched Him toss everything in the furnace with ease. Glory to God!

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