Daily Devotion

John 14:15 “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

Loving God changes our lives for the better. When you really love God, your life should reflect that love. Loving God truly means doing what it take to please Him. It is more than just words to be said. Saying you are a Christian means your actions line up with the word of God. Your life is a representation of Jesus Himself. Your actions should line up with your testimony and teachings of Jesus. One should not be surprised to learn you are believer. You love and affection towards Jesus automatiocally overflows into your daily actions.

When faced with adversity and struggles, the automatic response we have should reflect Jesus. There should be no fear or hesitation in standing up for the truth of God’s word. Believers absolutely must make a stand for who we are in Christ. We should be the odd man out. We should be the sore thumb. We should be different. There is no need to blend in with a world we are not from. There is no need to blend in with a culture we do not identify with.

As a citizen of heaven, earth is not our home. Earth is our mission field. We are here with a goal in mind, to represent Jesus and snatch souls from hell. That is who we are and where our attention should be focused. We are called to love and be light. We should be the ones people know will stand up for the truth and will not compromise to fulfill the desires of our flesh. Secret agent Christians do no justice and no good to the growth and power of the Kingdom of God. Why hide what has completely transformed your life? If indeed, you have been truly transformed.

Don’t let your light be dimmed by the desire to be accepted by the world you should be affecting and transforming.Give God the glory by standing out! Give God the glory by standing firm on the solid foundation of Jesus. If you love Jesus, follow the blueprint of His word and you will never see Him fail you.

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